10 Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

10 Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

Y’all already know I’m a beauty junkie – and live for a fabulous metallic eyeshadow and glow-up for the GAWDS. Y’all also know I hustle hard when it comes to finding the perfect shade of red, or nude lipstick. So, although what I’m about to say may upset some folks, just remember that it comes from a place of complete, unconditional love. Here it is: There is such a thing as wearing too much makeup.

There. I said it.

Let me be clear that I’m not talking to folks who wear multiple eyeshadow colors at once, or those who like to wear foundation every day. Hell, some days I like to rock the mic and explore, too, but there are a few application blunders you should be wary of. Because sharing is caring, I’ve compiled a list of ten signs that the makeup on your face is enough for a village of fifteen; not one.

1.) Makeup Stains on Your Collar

10 Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

10 Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

I learned this lesson the hard way when I couldn’t get my foundation stains out of my favorite white winter coat. Thing is, if your dry cleaning bill is more expensive than the makeup on your face, chances are you should go easy on the amount you’re using. Make sure to blot your entire face (and neck) afterwards to remove any excess. If you are still blotting after ten minutes, you are applying too much makeup.

2.) Your Eyebrows Look like Airport Landing Strips

I love thick, bushy brows just as much as the next person, but I think we’d all agree they shouldn’t look drawn on, right? If people can see your ‘brows before YOU when you enter a room, you are wearing too much makeup, doll. Celebrity Makeup Artist, Fiona Stiles gives some of the best tips about how to make your eyebrows look as natural as possible. Check out her Instagram page here.

3.) Your Smoky Eye Looks like a Black Eye

10 Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

10 Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

I get it: crafting the perfect smoky eye takes time and practice. Maybe start with softer colors that you can easily control like brown or gray? Don’t use so much eyeliner that suddenly your eyes disappear, and all you can see are the little slits where they used to be. C’mon, y’all.

4.) Your Blush Is Darker Than Your Lipstick

Why so much blush? Or better yet, let’s talk about why you chose a color that’s darker than your lipstick? Yes, you should most certainly rock the shades that are pigmented and rich, but it shouldn’t look like someone landed you with a right hook.

5.) You Break out all of a Sudden

This is where the “less is more” notion comes in. Sometimes when you’re caking your primer, foundation and powder on, it can and will clog your pores. And because ones complexion can be super petty, blackheads or quite possibly cysts can surface. If you’ve never had a problem with breakouts, congratulations! But if all of a sudden you begin to see little pesky bumps, you should check the ingredients in your makeup, and also make sure you are not putting the entire bottle or compact on your face. Dirty makeup brushes can be the culprit as well, but that's another conversation. 

**BEAUTY TIP** only apply foundation and concealer where you need it, and keep it pushing.

6.) Your Falsies Look like Arachnids

When it comes to false eyelashes, it pretty much is what it is. No one is saying they should look natural, but they should fit your natural eye shape and face. If your falsies make your eyelids feel like they weigh fifty pounds, chances are they aren’t the best choice for you. If your lashes touch the top of your cheekbones when you bat your eyes, chances are they ain’t right either. And finally, if someone compares your lashes to a tarantula, then girl, just stop it.

7.)  Your Lipstick Always Ends up on Your Teeth

The original girl code says that you should always tell another woman when she has lipstick on her teeth. Not if she’s a repeat offender though! Have y’all ever stopped to wonder why that even happens in the first place? Homegirl is putting too much on – and forgets to blot. And, yes.  The lipsticks that are super moisturizing just might end up somewhere it isn’t supposed to be, but it doesn’t mean you have to run that bad boy across your lips like a windshield wiper. Maybe try a liquid matte, or basic lip gloss to gauge your application. Liners can help, too, but see number 8 before you proceed.

8.) You Look like You Are Wearing a Mask

10 Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

10 Signs You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup

Hey, pretty girl! Is anyone home? When Bobbi Brown Cosmetics first launched, her brand messaging stuck on me like white on rice: Makeup should enhance the features you naturally have, not cover them up. And I like cake, too, y’all, but not on my face. If you’re hardly recognizable after you apply your makeup, you’re probably wearing too much. If someone has to question whether or not it’s really you in photos, then you’re probably wearing too much. If you sleepover at a guy’s house, and he asks you the next morning where your eyebrows went, then you’re probably wearing too much makeup.

9.) Your Lip Liner Looks like a Mustache

I mentioned in number 7 that lip liners can be the holy grail for lipsticks and glosses that easily smudge or feather, but there’s absolutely no reason for folks to over line – better yet, “overdraw” their lips. And I can completely understand the fascination with having fuller lips, but whatever happened to working with what ya mama gave ya? Asking for a friend…

10.) Your Washcloths are Stained with Makeup

Man. I’m so guilty of this, especially since half of it is laziness, and the other half is that I wear A LOT of mascara. I’m not sure how often one should replace their bath linens, but I do know if they’re peppered with makeup, it’s probably because you’re wearing too much.  I encourage everyone to invest in kick-ass makeup towlettes, but quite honestly you might even feel a pang there, because those can also gauge how much makeup you’re wearing in a day. You need 5 makeup-remover towlettes after 1 night out on the town though? We’ll get through this together.

As always, I’d love to hear about some of your makeup horror stories! Leave your comments below.