8 Products That Work Double for Baby and Beauty

8 Products That Work Double for Baby and Beauty

Everyone, especially new mamas, can benefit from more time and money these days, especially when it comes to crafting the perfect beauty routine. Thanks to a few tried-and-true baby products, now folks can achieve both! I stopped by WGN Morning News this AM to chat about baby products that you can use to boost your beauty regimen, AND save on time and money. Watch below in case you missed it!


Butt Paste

This baby bustin' butt cream not only protects your little one from a chapped bottom, but it alos serves-up a pretty mean healing emollient: Zinc Oxide. Zinc is known to heal common skin irritations, like allergic reactions from cosmetics, fragrances, or even costume jewelry. I'm allergic to nickel - but feel confident that the butt paste will heal practically anything. 


If you're a mom - and carrying around a traditional ice pack in your kids diaper bag, kudos to you. But if you're like most of us common folk, and you've got a case of extreme dry eye, dark circles from said kid screaming all night, or puffiness, behold the trusted diaper! Fill it with ice,(I'll let you figure out where to get it from) and use it as an ice pack on the go!

Diaper Cream

Believe it or not, the right diaper cream can serve as a great moisturizer to combat dry, dull skin. Of course you can’t just grab any ol’ diaper cream – it’s important to grab ones that don't contain Lanolin. You couldn't want to clog your pores, would you? And before I forget, the diaper cream also relieves razor burn!

Baby Shampoo

 I get a lot of questions about how to properly clean makeup tools, and it much easier than a lot of people think. Baby Shampoo is gentle enough for babies, but also suitable enough to rid makeup brushes, hair brushes and combs of harmful irritants.Baby Shampoo is the ultimate makeup brush cleaner: add about 1/2 cup of shampoo in warm water, and get to scrubbin'!

Baby Wipes

Listen. Makeup Remover is expensive, and sometimes, they aren't necessarily the best for our skin. Why not try an alternative like baby wipes? Not only are they inexpensive, but they're specifically formulated to cleanse sensitive skin, or you can eve use to remove waterproof makeup. Also, baby wipes are jam-packed with moisturizing ingredients that protect the skin from irritation, or dryness. Double benefit: use as a facial cleanser on the go if you’re a frequent traveler! Triple benefit: use to remove deodorant stains on your fancy clothes!

Baby Sunscreen 

Sunscreen gets such a bad rap, but that doesn’t give folks a pass to skip it. If you have allergies – or are sensitive to most ingredients in adult versions of SPF,  opt for baby, mineral-based sunscreen with ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide to protect your skin from harmful UVA / UVB rays and be on your way!

Baby Oil

Tired of trying to remove stubborn mascara with products that don’t work? The baby oil not only successfully removes the makeup, but it seals-in moisture and keeps ‘lashes hydrated (that’s a real thing).

Nipple Cream 

Is the perfect solution for dry, chapped lips. It doesn’t contain all of the drying ingredients of traditional over-the-counter lip ointments.