New Fall Favorite: Glo Skin Beauty

New Fall Favorite: Glo Skin Beauty

Crafting the perfect skincare regimen is difficult. I get it. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be though. Thing is, you should be crystal clear about your unique skincare concerns and exactly what it is that you want your skin to do for you. And what I mean by “do” is that you should be mindful of your end result, whether it be to minimize the appearances of pores, clear up hormonal or cystic acne, or combat signs of premature aging. Be clear about what it is that you want. And, y’all. It ain’t got nothing to do with a celebrity endorsement or pretty packaging.

New Fall Favorite: Glo Skin Beauty

New Fall Favorite: Glo Skin Beauty

When I first discovered Glo Skin Beauty, I was eager to rid my skin of all frown lines, clear up pesky breakouts and their respective footprints on my face. I wanted to unclog pores in my t-zone – and glow brighter than a sequin dress. Could Glo Skin Beauty get the job done? I was hopeful.

I tried 5 products from the brand: Daily Power C Serum, Daily Hydrator, Renew Serum, Phyto-Active Light Moisturizer, and the Balancing Mist. Whew! If these products didn’t make my skin look (and feel) like 24- karat gold, this concoction of was destined for disaster.

Daily Power C Serum

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that works overtime to not only help with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, but it also protects the skin from harmful free-radicals and pollution. (Read about my love affair with Vitamin C here). And since brightening my skin was a major concern, I upped the ante by applying the potent serum twice daily. BIG mistake. Vitamin C gets a bad rap because folks don’t know how to use it, but once you apply it properly, and give it a fair shot, chances are it just might be the ingredient your skin needs. I started using the Daily Power C Serum every morning after I cleansed my face. I watched the red polka dots on my face fade overtime, and honey; it was glorious.   

The Daily Hydration

Just. As. Bomb. I have oily/combination skin, and since I started my new regimen in the thick of summer, I was happy the formula was lightweight, non-greasy and easy to layer with other products. Jam-packed with Hyaluronic Acid, the Daily Hydration restores the skin’s elasticity with water binding humectants that seal-in moisture and hydrate depleted skin.

Renew Serum

Ahhh…the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids! This product contains Glycolic and Salicylic Acids, which serves to improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin’s surface. Additionally, these AHAs promote healthy cell turnover through mild exfoliation, minimize the appearance of pores and draws out impurities. After about 2 weeks, my skin was softer than a baby’s bottom. I know it sounds crazy, but what can I say? When a product is good, it’s good.

Phyto-Active Moisturizer

I’m still on the fence about this cream. Don’t ask me why, but I actually started using it when my skin was purging. My skin was so dry from treating the breakouts, and I forgot this moisturizer is specifically formulated to combat signs of aging. So, in short, I had to discontinue use until my skin got back in line. It’s definitely lightweight – and you can layer with other products, but I’m not sure how the ingredients work in conjunction with all the other stuff I’m testing. Stay tuned…

Balancing Mist

FINALLY a toner that hydrates and balances the skin’s surface.! The purifying and antioxidants work overtime to purify, minimize access oil in the t-zone, and hydrate the cheek area (on your face). I use this product daily just before I apply serum, and just like the McDonald’s jingle says, “I’m LOVING it!”

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