Alicia Keys: No makeup movement. 

Alicia Keys: No makeup movement. 

Last year at the MTV Video Music Awards, Alicia Keys debuted what was later coined as the “no makeup movement”. My initial reaction was, “Good for her”. But when the conversation kept going, I got annoyed.In an interview, she talked about how society’s standards of beauty started to influence her work. She even alluded that there were several moments throughout her career when she didn’t feel like herself – and believed that (most) women were brainwashed into confining to these standards. Hmmmm. With all of this #blackgirlmagic happening in the world? And is this even a “movement’? I know tons of folks who’ve been rockin’ the au naturel look for a minute and some change.What does that have to do with filling in your ‘brows because they’re too thin, or trying a new mascara to lengthen your lashes?  Girl, what?

Thing is, no one’s twisting my arm to spend my coins on the latest and greatest in beauty, and no one for damn sure ain’t telling me that I can’t wear glittery eyeliner, or that the brownest girls can’t rock the boldest lips colors. No one is “hiding”, we’re simply expressing ourselves.

My Thing is This: Maybe the conversation should have been more focused on the pressures that celebrities experience in the spotlight, or better yet; let’s have a conversation about how some people struggle with self-identity. I mean, isn’t that what this is really about? From where I’m sitting, that purple eyeshadow ain’t done nothing to you, girl. Trust me, I know all too well about the self-love struggle bus, and the amount of time that it takes to get to a place where you are comfortable in your own skin. But y’all can’t tell me that a makeover, or walking through the isles at Sephora don’t make things just a bit brighter.

Sure, I may be biased because not only is it a portion of my livelihood, but I’ve been wearing makeup for about as long as Betty White’s been our Golden Girl.

The beauty industry is a multibillion dollar business that ain’t going NOWHERE, honey. It doesn’t matter if you rock a full-face of makeup, or even just a hint of Carmex –  cosmetics are meant to enhance what you naturally have, and if they don’t, then perhaps folks should take a makeup class or two, hire a new makeup artist, or watch a beauty channel on YouTube.

But, hey! To each his own, right? Just know that y’all gone forever catch me slaying a fabulous red lip – All day. Every day.

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Photo Cred: Allure.com