5 DIY Red Carpet Beauty Secrets.

5 DIY Red Carpet Beauty Secrets.

It’s Oscar weekend, y’all, and DIY Beauty is where it’s at!  I really wish I was in L.A. reporting on all thangs “beautaaay”, but hanging out with friends over at WGN Morning News this AM was just as fun!

In case you missed it, (or you’re not in Chicago)  click on the link below and check out the recap of my Red Carpet Beauty Secrets segment. And since we’re friends, feel free to share some of your favorite beauty tips in the comment box below. Also let me know where you’re watching from on Sunday!




Water in your shoes, Pepto Bismol on your face and Vaseline on your wrists…all amazing red carpet tricks, trust us

DIY TIP # 1 Use an orange to test your favorite tool

Talk to any makeup artist, and they’ll tell you that using certain tools to apply your foundation will make a significance in how well your makeup looks. While I’m obsessed with my beauty blender, I love a the makeup brushes by…Not only do they give you an airbrush finish, but they pretty much take the guess work out of product placement.

DIY Tip #2 Pepto-Bismol is a great formula to use as a mask before a red carpet event to minimize and shrink the appearance of pores. 

Pepto Bismol contains an ingredient called subsalicylate bismuth that’s sort of like the cousin of Salicylic Acid – commonly found in most over the counter acne treatments. Both of these help to unclog pores and promote cell turnover. The formula also contains aspirin which serves as an anti-inflammatory ingredient which combats redness and swelling in breakouts. As with anything, consistency is key, so you should mask at least once a week to see a difference.

TO APPLY THE MASK: Apply a thin layer of the Pepto Bismol over freshly washed face. Leave on for about 20 minutes. Rinse, moisturize, (preferably with an SPF) then proceed with your normal beauty regimen.

DIY Tip # 3 Elongate your favorite fragrance into the wee hours of the morning by applying Vaseline to your pulse points.

Vaseline is a multifaceted beauty product that not only serves as a great moisturizer, but it serves as a protective barrier. Thing is, as soon as you spray perfume, the molecules immediately evaporate into the air. So, applying Vaseline to your pulse points before your fragrance helps to conceal it.

DIY Tip # 4 Prep your shoes the night before by filling water into freezer bags, insert into shoes and freeze them overnight to stretch. 

Water expands when it freezes, so save yourself some cash, and create your own stretching system. Fill your freezer bags with water, then place in shoes where there’s discomfort. Place shoes in the freezer overnight to achieve maximum results.

DIY Tip # 5 Revive your favorite lip gloss by placing it into a glass of warm water for 5 minutes. 

Most liquid-based beauty products revamp themselves when heat is applied. Nail polish, liquid soaps…your favorite lip gloss. And makeup costs too much to not get your money’s worth, so this trick will bring your favorite products back to life.